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If you have a really busy life and want to get into shape for Christmas as much as you can in 30 days this may be your solution.  The beauty of a remote plan so you can do it any time of day that fits in.


It is very much individualized to you and we do measurements and weight etc on a regular basis. We have an app that we will use to deliver the schedule and workouts to you - you wear a Heart Rate Monitor to track your workout - update the app and send it to me every day so that I can see your progress!!


You will still be accountable to me each day like an in-person plan.  I have an online FB private group which I add lots of content to also we can all chat about anything and everything!😊

The workouts are very intense and only 25 mins long so you just have to get it done!! It is fab for quickly burning fat!!!

Let's smash your goal with Nutrition planning, and fast at home bodyweight workouts. My next intake is November 1st for 30 Days. Limited to 12 people!  Reserve your place by enrolling at our 'Buy it Now' Page